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1日10分英単熟語 英検2級②2

1日10分英単熟語 英検2級②2











When the waiter brought the bill to Darryl and his friends,, Darryl (        ) the amount that each person had to pay. It was $26 each.

1 buried               2 resembled         3 calculated        4 stored



A: Do you like champagne, Emily?

D: Yes, but it’s so expensive that I only have the chance to drink it on special (        ) like weddings and birthdays.

1 signatures        2 occasions          3 landscapes       4 belongings



Brian’s football coach believes that (         ) is very important. He is strict with his players and punishes them if they come to practice late.

1 ignorance         2 property           3 currency           4 discipline



People from many different cultures live in New York City. This (        ) is one reason why New York is such an interesting place.

1 routine             2 sorrow             3 diversity          4 forecast



Dennis was carefully building a tower out of playing cards, but it (       ) when he tried to place the last card on top. He had to pick up the cards and start all over.

1 immigrated       2 collapsed          3 negotiated       4 whistled




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