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1日10分英単熟語 英検2級②1

1日10分英単熟語 英検2級②1


1日10分英単熟語 なぜ10分?


10分を超えると5Mを超えてしまい、このブログにはファイルが載せられないという… 10分を超えないようたまに焦っているのは内緒です


I’m just kidding. 冗談です(事実ではありますが)




それでは 1日10分英単熟語 Ready     go    !






A: Excuse me. Do you know how to (        ) this copy machine? I can’t get it to work.

B: Sure. let me show you.

1 explore             2 amuse             3 operate             4 imitate



Lester has the worst attendance record in his class. Last semester, he was (        ) late, and he was absent 10 times.

1 frequently        2 positively          3 ironically          4 sharply



In many countries, thousands of cats and dogs are (        ) every year. Their owners leave then in parks or on the street when they do not want them anymore.

1 interpreted       2 defined             3 abandoned       4 manufactured



George seems to care a lot about his (        ). He gets his hair cut twice a month, and he often buys expensive clothes.

1 courage            2 research          3 limit                  4 appearance



A: How do they keep the grass in this stadium so green, Dad?

B: Actually, Sam, it’s (        ) grass. I think it’s a kind of plastic.

1 artificial            2 critical              3 neutral             4 historical








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