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⭐️論理に基づき、論の展開をとらえ読む ということをしていますか? これができるようになるともちろん点数、偏差値は上がりますし、英文を理解したという自信も高まるでしょう。そして自分でも英語を使えるんじゃないか、という期待が高まります。


Game theory is a branch of mathmarics that examines competitive situations, such as card games and chess matches. Alrhough luck can be involved in a game, the result depends not only on what one player does but also on what all the others do. [ A ] each player tries to guess other players’ next moves in order to determine his or her own coice. Game theory, then, studies how the result of a game depends on ones own choices and on choices made by the other players [ B ] on chance in some cases.

A 1 Instead 2 Moreover 3 Thus 4 However

B 1 in the long run 2 in conclusion
3 as far as 4 as well as


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